Film Making

Top Cities to Live in for Your Film Career

Are you into film-making? Are you pursuing a career in the movie industry? If so, then you might want to live in a recognized movie-making city that offers ample opportunities for you to grow. This post highlights the 5 top international cities for filmmakers.

1.   Atlanta

Surprised? Don’t be. This city’s film industry generated a whopping $6 billion in 2016. Yes, the state of Georgia has the third biggest film industry in the whole of the U.S, and it looks like things will even get better. The reason behind this is that Georgia offers some pretty decent tax incentives to attract producers. A lot of locations in this city are also permit-free, which means film procedures don’t have to pay hefty permit fees. This favorable environment has seen an influx of talent flow into the state, only making things better. Some of the top TV shows produced in this city include The Vampire Diaries, and The Walking Dead, among many others. Captain American Civil War, Guardians of the Galaxy, and The Accountant were all filmed in Atlanta (and Georgia in large) over the last few years. Atlanta is no doubt the first city you should think about if you’re keen on a film industry career.

2.   Toronto


For many years, US producers who are on a tight budget have crossed the border and set camp north in an attempt to cut costs. There’s a never-ending list of movies that have been shot in this filmmaking city. Among others, they include Mean Girls, American Psycho, and Crash (1996). London’s popular Pinewood Studios decided to call Toronto home, shining a bright light on the city’s future film industry.

3.   Albuquerque

When you think of Vince Gilligan’s Breaking Bad TV Show, Albuquerque New Mexico comes to mind. In fact, this TV Show is what catapulted the city into the limelight as a filming destination. But many popular films have been shot in New Mexico over the years. These include No Country for Old Men, Silkwood, Avengers (2002), and Frank (the comedy by Lenny Abrahamson), among many others. The state has put together a serious of clever incentives to attract filmmakers to the city over the years. It’s no wonder Albuquerque is so popular with low-budget indie producers.

4.   London

This list would never be complete without London in it, or would it? The city has definitely earned its stars as an international filming destination. It’s no surprise that London is often referred to as ‘The Hollywood of Europe’. The city’s prowess as a filming destination has been cemented for decades. Incredible landmarks such as the Buckingham Palace, the Tower Bridge, and Westminster ring a bell on many people’s mind – even for those who’ve never been to London. Some of the biggest London-based filming firms, Warner Bros Studios and Pinewood Studios, have greatly contributed to the success of this city. So if you want to try your luck on being a member of the team that creates the next James Bond, Notting Hill, Love Actually or Wonder Woman move – go to London.

5.   Los Angeles

Home to Hollywood – Los Angeles is an obviously great destination for anyone who harbors aspirations in the film industry. Over a century, the city has claimed its spot as the world’s premier filming hub – thanks to ample filming infrastructure. Training opportunities around Los Angeles has helped produced some of the greatest acting talent in the world. There are millions of people looking for acting, script writing, and other opportunities in the film making business here. Keep in mind though that competition in LA might be a bit steeper than in the other cities on this list.