Most Outstanding Cinema Experiences in the World

If you think of yourself as a movie junkie, then you know very well that the cinema environment can have a major influence on whether or not you have a good time. Theatre operators know that they have to offer something unique to make lovebirds and individual movie lovers ditch their home couch and Netflix device. In this post, we highlight the 9 most majestic theatres in the whole world.

1.   Cine Thisio, Athens

If watching the latest blockbuster under the stars in the midst of the night sounds like something that might tingle you, then you need to buy a plan ticket and fly to the Cine Thisio in Athens, Greece. This is one of the oldest movie theaters in the city – and it has been hailed as one of the most outstanding cinema experiences the world over. Built back in 1935, this movie theater only opens between April and October.

2.   Alamo Drafthouse in Texas

The Alamo movie theater opened in Austin, Texas, back in 1997. Currently, the chain has managed to open a total of 22 locations across the nation. The Alamo cinema is known for its luxury experience, comfy seating, fine dining and drinks. They also have some pretty unique policies that go a stretch further to make this movie theater interesting. Children under the age of 6 are not allowed, and attendees cannot talk. There’s also a very strict no-cellphone policy plus no ads are shown before the movie. You get to enjoy just what you pay for – great movies, some food, and maybe a beer or two.

3.   Kino International in Berlin

Dating back to the cold war Era, the Kino International is one of Berlin’s finest movie spots. International filmmakers use the cinema due to its ambience. Visitors from Berlin and the city’s environs are also fond of the theater’s history and intriguing experience. Outside the theater, hand-painted film posters show what’s screening for the week. If you’re passing by Berlin and have some time to spare, make sure you catch the latest movie in this truly unique movie theater.

4.   Colosseum Kino

Situated in Oslo’s Majorstuen district, the Colosseum Kino started back in 1928. It had a seating room of over 2000, making it the largest Scandinavian cinema at the time. Build by architects Gerhard Iversen and Jacob Hansen, this theater has a Classical-styled entrance and a massive dome that features its auditorium.

In 1987, the old expansive cinema was divided into three different areas with seating capacities of 115, 151, and 274. In terms of appearance, this is one of the most striking movie theaters in the world. What’s more, you enjoy the great sound and overall experience watching a movie here.

5.   Uplink X in Tokyo

The Uplink X refers to itself as the tiniest theater in Japan. It has just 40 seats and is housed in a multiple purpose building. The most outstanding feature about this cinema is the ‘social seating’ layout. There are 10 different seat types that can be moved around within the space, allowing for an interactive, social experience.

6.   Electric Cinema in London

Situated in London’s Notting Hill, the Electric Cinema combines the appeal of an old cinema with the allure of modern amenities. The cinema was originally built in 1910, but has been renovated in recent times. The seats are very big and comfy, and beds are also available. Movie lovers also get to enjoy drinks from the full bar, and food from the accompanying Electric Diner.

7.   Olympia Music Hall, France

How about ditching the bad weather outside and catching a movie in bed? If that sounds like something you might do, then the Olympia music hall in Paris is the place to be. Make your dreams come true and roll in bed as you enjoy your favorite movies.

8.   TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles

The TCL Chinese Theatre is one of the most popular movie theaters worldwide. Many of the most successful movies, including Star Wars: The Force Awakens, have premiered in this cinema. Tourists from all over the world flock here to view the foot and hand prints left by top movie stars in the cement outside – on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

9.   Cine de Chef in Seoul

Owned by Korean movie theater company the CGV, this cinema gives a luxury spin to ‘dinner and a movie’. Although many of the movie theaters on this list do provide food and drinks to movie watches, the Cine de Chef takes the experience to another level. You’ll be treated to upscale Italian-French cuisine prepared by Chef Park Hyatt. After enjoying the diner, you get to relax in the special seats as you watch the movie.

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