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Cinema Speakeasy was founded in June 2009 in Los Angeles. The brainchild of independent arts advocate Saskia Wilson-Brown, the events were subsequently…

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Community Impact

Soon after Cinema Speakeasy had its first event in Los Angeles, Cinema Speakeasy-inspired events started popping up across the United States. Cinema…

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Cinema Speakeasy makes a stated effort to show independent film, which they define as auteur-driven, edgy and non-corporate. Some of…

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Producing an Independent Film


Producing an independent film takes an enormous commitment of time, money, and energy – but there are steps you can follow to make the whole undertaking more productive and less overwhelming.


Have a Budget.

You have to work out a financial plan for everything you need, including the amount you can ... Read More


Genworth Hits Bump in the LTC Road

Just read a great article about Thomas McInerney the CEO of Genworth in the Richmond Times-Dispatch.  It started with a great line about investors being unhappy with the company lately and it helped put things in perspective for me. Genworth, by rejecting Wall Street’s cries to drop Long Term ... Read More


Let’s Speak Easily About Business

Starting up a business is one thing, directing it to success is another. It is possible for anyone to begin a business but it takes a lot to maintain and have that business expanded over time. However, there are things to importantly consider before venturing into one. You must keep ... Read More

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